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The European Poa Database has been maintained by IPK Gene Bank, Satellite Collections North at Malchow/Poel, Germany, since 1995. Passport data, based on the FAO/IPGRI EURISCO-Descriptors list, document about 5000 accessions.
86 species, originating from 83 countries, are represented by advanced and improved cultivars (881), breeding material (193), landraces (75), weedy (2) and wild material (2149). The accessions are conserved in gene banks (34 institutions in 25 countries) throughout Europe, and seed and/or information can be requested directly from the holding institute.
The database is searchable on-line. Additionally, the dataset can be downloaded as a Microsoft® Excel file (click here).


The European Poa Database has been reengineered by the former Plant Data Warehouse (PDW) group of the Bioinformatics Centre Gatersleben-Halle (BIC-GH) and is hosted by the Genebank Documentation Group (DOK).




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